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Most effective animal repellent, makes a loud spark -- simulates lightning!


Scares Deer, Bear, Coyotes, Elk, Racoons, and other animals away

Animal Deterrent - simulates lightning! ANIMALS RUN IN FEAR


 SOLAR OR AC POWERED - 30 Foot Range, 120 Degrees Motion Sensing

Protect your crops, home, bee hives, campsites, pets, and your family!!

Over 600 sold in the US and Canada for many types of animals.     

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More effective than ultrasonic, sound or water spray!!!!

Keep the Bears Away!!!

Solve your Deer Problems!

Keep the Bears Away!!!

Three Bears keep their distance from Spark-Away Animal Deterrent



Solve your Deer Problems!

Keep the Bears Away!!!

Spark-Away is a solar powered, motion sensing Animal Deterrent which simulates Lightning.

Solar Powered animal deterrent.

Solve your Deer Problems!

Solve your Deer Problems!

Solve your Deer Problems!

Keep Deer Away with Spark-Away Animal Deterrent.


Scare Coyotes Away!

Run the Otters Away!

Solve your Deer Problems!

Keep Coyotes away with Spark-
Away, an Effective, Safe, and Humane Animal Deterrent


Scare the Elk Away!

Run the Otters Away!

Run the Otters Away!

Elk scared away by Spark-Away which simulates lightning.

See testimonials about Elk, Deer, Coyotes, Bears, and Otters

Run the Otters Away!

Run the Otters Away!

Run the Otters Away!

Otters are scared away by Spark-Away Animal Deterrent - save your docks, boats and property.


BEAR Video


Deer Runs from Spark-Away

Watch this Deer Run Away!

Spark-Away protects dock from otters.

Spark-Away protects docks and boats from otter damage.

Check out this video about Spark-Away, the humane animal deterrent

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Spark-Away has a 100% satisfaction policy with a free repair, replace, or refund guarantee for one year and a free repair guarantee for year two.

WLOS TV Interview bear deterrent

Animal Deterrent - Spark-Away motion sensing, solar powered.

Most Effective Animal Deterrent - Makes A Loud Spark!

Scares Deer, Bears, Elk, Otters, Cats, Raccoons, and other animal away.

Asheville TV Station Interview

Interview shows how Spark-Away is a solution to the bear problems in the mountains.


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Bears:  I purchased a Spark-Away unit mid-summer at the height of black bear activity.  A 400+ pound bear was determined to rip the screens off windows and break into the house.  He was aggressive towards people and vehicles as well. It took two visits to the porch (with spark-away) by the aggressive bear and it never showed up again on the porch. BH Black Mountain, NC. 

Deer: -  I live on a 7 acre hobby farm, and we have an abundance of deer, bears, and raccoons that are always a challenge in the orchard.  I recently planted a new apple, and it was immediately stripped of all its leaves.  I set up the Spark Away, and, just as quickly, new leaves came back… I am back to winning the battle of the orchard again. SB Mills River, NC..

Elk - : I put two Spark-Away’s in my drive way pointing at each entrance, the elk would turn and go back heading for the neighbors. only damage now is a little gravel spun up from them digging out. Did I mention that there are  4 herds of Elk in the area and all over a 100 head. Before I got your units, I had over 100 inside my fenced yard  which is only one acre. they pretty much destroyed my shrubs, and lawn. p.s. it also seems to help keep the 

door to door people away LOL P.A. Folks, WA.


Coyotes No Longer on the Prowl - My backyard is a National Wildlife Federation certified wildlife habitat. I have sixteen bird and critter feeders in my backyard, which is located along a creek. Along with birds, the bird feeders attract squirrels, chipmunks, possums, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, and river otters. Coyotes recently moved into the surrounding area and use the creek behind my house to travel discretely to my property and surrounding properties to search for prey. I have tried every highly rated animal deterrent device on Amazon to keep the coyotes off my property, but nothing worked. I installed Spark-Away along the creek and the coyotes disappeared to my delight. TM, Farmington Hills, Michigan

No more garbage for the Bears to tear up! - We manage a 5 cabin resort so we always have lots of garbage.  For years we have dealt with Bears getting into our three 96 gallon trash cans and dragging it all over the woods and then the dreaded task of cleaning it all up.  Well no more since we installed the Spark-Away last year we have not had a single incident.  Of course we still get startled as well as our guests, but that is okay.  Our guests ask what is that for and when we tell them, they say what a great idea someone had.  So a big Thank You to Spark-Away for inventing a great item, 5 Stars!   We highly recommend it!

LB, Lake Toxaway, NC 

OTTERS - For the 1st time I left my boat uncovered for 3 days when I was away. For 20years I would never think of doing that. I arrived back & no sign of otters. After only several weeks Spark-away appears to have become a deterrent & they have found someone else’s boat & dock to their business on. Looks like I (we) finally won the battle. Thanks again. H. Galiano, B.C. 

FERAL CATS - No matter what I tried I couldn't keep the local feral cats off of my new car. They would get on it almost every night. Spark-Away was my last option. Since nothing else had worked, I was skeptical. I've had it for a couple of months now and not one single cat has been on the car. Works perfectly. BP.Adamsville, TN

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